Well now, that hit the nail on the head! Where has this once great country gone to? I may have been a child growing up in the late 70’s through the 80’s, but I was informed. My grandmother used to sit me down and read the newspaper to me until I got old enough to read it on my own. At an early age I learned the value of a dollar earned and a dollar spent; I don’t believe in a god, but I stood up with everyone else and recited the Pledge of Allegiance and didn’t complain it was racist or unfair against me; when I screwed up in school, I stood out in the hall with all the other “screw-ups” and waited for the principal to come round with the paddle to adjust our attitudes and I never screamed abuse; I ate the school lunches served and my parents never demanded special meals for me, if something was served I couldn’t eat I brought my lunch (hence the reason they tell you a week in advance what is being served in school lunches).

Do you remember when our allies were allowed in and our enemies were told to fuck off, now we hold the doors open for those that would subjugate us. Our presidential position used to be a great honour, the person in that place was elected to do for the people and the way it was set up was if the government got too ‘power hungry’ we impeached them…now we are being told it is illegal to even bad mouth them on social websites. Well arrest me then, because if I think you’re doing a shitty job, I will tell you so and I WILL share my opinion on it. That is my right as a LEGAL citizen of the United States of America.

While were on the subject of America’s downfall….dafuq with the “no child left behind” bullshit….the whole idea of school is to learn, if you’re going to pass a child on to the next grade regardless of their scores then why have school anyways? The world revolves on competition not on the ability to roll over and play dead! If a child can not make the grades, then the child repeats until he/she does learn. Bring back our after school competitions, sport is good for children. A little competition is not going to damage them, hell I lost a lot of crap in school during our end of the school year competitions…I turned out just fine, as did everyone I went to school with. It didn’t make us focus on what was wrong with us, it made us inspire to be better at things, gave us the drive to the best and do our best.One last thing before I end this blog for a few days….why are we, as a country, allowing this to happen now? Most of us remember the ‘good old days’ with fondness, yet we allow them to take away the things that made our life so good then. Our freedoms are now on the chopping block…..are YOU going to sit by and let it happen…I won’t!


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